Let us sell your property and offer it to the right buyer!

The value of your property is not just dependent upon the land value, but even then we can unerringly sell your property.

To find the value of your property, there are a lot of other factors to be considered. We can sell your property successfully. These factors are also the reason for properly achieved selling prices. Trust in our experiences and talk to us today and we can quickly assess the current market price of your property and how best to sell it. – sell land

Of course you can also order an appraiser to have a look at the property and then come to us to sell your property.

We are happy to recommend a suitable buyer for your property. But for starters, it is still very useful to get one of our free and yet valuable price assessments. With our experiences we will be able to accurately calculate a current market price of your property. You should then inform yourself about the development potential of your property.

Simply call us on 030/330 999 30 Real Estate Agents Berlin. We can quickly sell your property.

You can also visit our offers on the new property portal for Germany. Simply search for Objektsuche24
You will probably have wondered about selling your property on your own. But the answer is obvious:

specialists are needed for this purpose. When selling a property, it is not easy to find the right point to start at. For this you need a clear concept and marketing strategy. Once you have started with the selling process, this means that you cannot go astray. A lot of mistakes can be avoided if you have an expert by your side. A real estate agent is the right partner. He works performance-based and knows the market well.

We, the HIHC Horvat Real Estate GmbH, will support you with this. And you can be sure to have found the right partner on your side with us. We don’t just know the market, but we also know the market participants. Benefit from our year long experience and do not waste valuable time with experiments. The market doesn’t know mercy and punishes every little mistake.