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We as your Real Estate Agent Berlin are happy to share our experience with you. Just contact us and we will find the BEST solution for you in a short amount of time. It’s not for nothing that we have established ourselves as a real estate agency in Berlin for the past decade. We also usually start where other agencies have failed and take a summary of your wishes to narrow down the choices of available estates. We will you support you every step of the way, from finding a place to making a decision.

Real Estate Agent Berlin – Nothing gets sold by itself – nothing guaranteed!

Many important steps have to be considered regardless of whether you opt for a purchase or a sale of a property. No one is more suited to take these steps than a real estate agency in Berlin. Through our special experience we have been able to satisfy the needs of our customers and receive recommendations from more than 90% of those. These are clear facts that we are very proud of. How can we help you? Simply call us – Your Real Estate Agents in Berlin: +49 (0) 30 220 568 00

+ Of course: We work strictly confidential
+ We are telling you within 1 HOUR the actual market price of your property (for free)
+ We certainly have a solution, also in your case
+ Be part of our great network with good notary offices and house management companies

Work with one of the best Real Estate Agent Berlin

Since the beginning of our agency we have been collaborating with the best in our industry.

When is it your time to start working with the best Real Estate Agent Berlin?

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In Berlin, there are countless real estate agencies with a wide range of offers. However, we don’t look at the real estate market on a flat dimension, but rather look at it as a whole – as a multidimensional business.

That is why, over the past twelve years, we have made a name for ourselves as THE real estate agency in Berlin. Our service is very versatile, so we cannot just stand around and wait for something to come up. We know how the real estate market in Berlin and in all of Germany has to work in order to be successful, and this should remain that way. So if you are looking for a Real Estate Agent Berlin, don’t simply rely on the directory but inquire at banks or insurance companies to find the agency that is right for you.

HIHC Real Estate Agent Berlin – we know the market

A good Real Estate Agent Berlin is constantly recommended and that is the best marketing tool. We no longer use ads in newspapers to draw attention to our business. We exclusively use our time to offer the best service possible to the seller and buyer of properties. A good estate agency knows the market, but the best one knows the participants, personally! Our real estate clients are private individuals, athletes, people of public interest, institutional investors, banks, insurance companies, funds. All these clients have one goal: to get a good deal! As a long-standing real estate company in Berlin, we will help you without any restrictions.

In Good Hands with HIHC Real Estate Agent Berlin

With us you can feel very well cared for. Just contact us at any time; we look forward to hearing from you! Real estate is a matter of trust, which you can place in us. Follow your instincts and get to know us in a personal interview where we can get to know each other for you to decide whether we can fulfill your wishes. Compare your impression with other agencies to figure out who is most suited for your needs. You will notice that it is fairly easy to find the best real estate agent for yourself in Berlin.

Your own gut feeling will be enough in most cases.

You need a friendly and highly dedicated agent with a twist and plenty of experience in this field.

Only Berlin’s best agent will help you reach your goal easily, quickly and without many detours. But how are you supposed to find the best agency in Berlin? Simply ask acquaintances, friends, and family for any recommendations. You can even contact your bank and ask them for a suitable candidate. Of course you can also use the internet to search for the best real estate agency in Berlin.

Pick the 10 best results and make an appointment with those agencies to truly find the perfect fit for you. You will notice large differences in quality standards. It is not the high quality profile that will tell you how good an agent really is, but rather his friendliness, competences and expert knowledge. It is also important to consider how much attention he gives to the person sitting opposite him, as this creates a positive atmosphere for future collaboration. Real estate is a matter of trust.

Try to be as unbiased as possible when meeting agents, as they deserve to be well-treated. Skepticism is a very unfavorable trait at the beginning as it diminishes the motivation of anyone sitting across from you.

Be realistic – Your Real Estate Agent Belin – HIHC will help you

The best Real Estate Agent Berlin cannot help you, if you exaggerate your wishes a little. Be realistic about your goals and try to find a “golden mean” that will give you the impression that future buyers, sellers and agents will be positively impacted from the outset.

This is the only way for you to save precious time that you could surely have invested somewhere else. It has been proven over the past years that real estate agents are a crucial part of real estate transactions, as everyone has a certain position in the transaction. That’s a good thing. For future activities, you should take precautions that go in the right direction and give you the right results.

Be prepared for surprises as well.

A real estate agent in Berlin can help you the most if you can overlook positive and negative characteristics from the beginning. This will save time and a lot of trouble. In the past, many clients have not felt fully understood by their agents, which are mostly caused by wrong communication. This condition is obviously dangerous and shouldn’t continue this way under any circumstances. Clients are people and agents are as well. This is the only way to secure a good deal.

Real Estate Agent Berlin – you will keep us in your memories

It is supposed to stay in your memories as a positive experience. A good estate agent in Berlin is the only one made for this role, as he knows that specific of the market. A banker looks at the real estate market as a banker and the same goes for lawyers and friends.

But a real estate agent cannot only look at it from the agent’s perspective, but also as a service provider who will only be rewarded if the transaction is closed properly. So please be prepared to ask the right questions and receive the right answers. That is the only way to make a good judgment and will therefore leave all doors open for you to find your path to the best estate agent in Berlin.

Of course it is also important to pay attention to any namely publications about the real estate agent, as this gives you another characteristic to consider in your decision-making. It gives you a chance to see the real value of the agent, as he might not be a good journalist. On various real estate platforms suitable agents are highlighted.

Real Estate Agent Berlin at Objektsuche24

It is possible to see the quality of each real estate agent on a very good real estate portal in Germany called www.objektsuche24.de. Of course this is not binding but there is at least the possibility to find out exactly what the priorities of the agents are. There have been a lot of agents who tried to reach the top of the list through artificial popularity. After a short time it turned out that those lacked the advice elasticity and had interviews with customers that soon lead to no contracts and therefore failed quickly. This was because the people had different perspectives on how an agent should handle their case, and the agents weren’t prepared to adapt to their clients. But it isn’t always easy to find the weak businesses. Only time will help you get a clear look on who is good and who is bad.

This is how you will find the best Real Estate Agent in Berlin

The best real estate agents in Berlin or all of Germany do not set their priorities on gaining new customers. It is quite normal to trust the natural flow of the market as it always prevails. Some changes can be made, but the market cannot be stopped. Apart from this, as the best real estate agent in Berlin one should understand that there are exterior factors that they cannot change. One can determine the direction of your business, but the day to day activities are also determined by the customers so you need to have a positive attitude towards your agent.

Only a good relationship will benefit both sides. Don’t think that several real estate agents at the same time will provide additional opportunities. It cannot always function this way and it is only fair to let all the participants know about other players, which can significantly shrink your agent’s motivation. So, how many real estate agents do you need?

One Real Estate Agent in Berlin is perfectly adequate

For how long should you hire a real estate agent? That is completely different. Sometimes an agent succeeds in a few days, sometimes it takes weeks. One should be really careful though, as some contracts need to be settled more than a year in advance.

This process was very popular in recent decades, however it wasn’t very realistic as many agents were surprised by the little activity on the supply side of the market. A flexible procurement should therefore be the focus. Both sides should exchange their views in a meeting so that both sides know how to market the object quickly. It is also interesting to see that new real estate agents in Berlin are now acting in completely new environments. There are a lot of special characteristics that need to be observed.

Check the real estate agent for his expertise knowledge when he comes to you, for example, in a bank. It may be that this agent is only working with transactions where previous financing is or will be active. But there are a lot of good professionals from banks that could be recommended. It is about the mix; an expert is not one, just because it says so on his card. He should be an expert because people recommending him call him that.

Those are the only experts who are widely accepted in the customer base giving them beautiful moments during the purchase and sale phase.

Observe the real estate market – HIHC Real Estate Agent Berlin support you

Keep your eyes open when observing the real estate market. Check the deals in detail and find out if there is anything questionable in the ad suggesting that the details in the ad were whitewashed. You should try to sort these details out as soon as possible to avoid any time-consuming conversations. Sadly enough, a lot of agencies whitewash the facts. In this case it is on you to find out the truth and talk to your agent about this. He will be able to help and explain everything to you. Also try to stay away from people with unfavorable, negative comments.

Pessimism in the property market?

Some pessimism never hurt nobody, but there are people who exaggerate and judge things without the necessary competences and knowledge to do so. This means that the way to finding a property isn’t the easiest. With the right partners on their side, though, it often turns out alright. When selling an object it is also very important to find the right partner. Almost every real estate agent in Berlin will be more than happy to accommodate your property – ok, and then? Do not let yourself be fooled, but make sure that you see progress and do not let yourself be surprised about any happenings. This is the only way to avoid problem-filled moments that won’t bring you any joy. So don’t be surprised or disappointed when all methods don’t work at the beginning.

HIHC Real Estate Agent Berlin – give us a bit of time

Even a very good real estate agent needs some time. Creativity cannot be forced, it takes some time to evolve. Every sales expert knows how hard it is to perform when you are put under pressure for a sale. This is where it is all just about the money. This shouldn’t be the essential, though. That is why, from the beginning onwards, one should set the right price. The right price will create a positive atmosphere and, with the right agent, will make it possible to conquer the market and get a good deal for the property.

Potential buyers also really appreciate it when the property is in good shape. Everybody wants an offer like that and will learn to appreciate those. You should also appreciate our service and performance. Simply contact us today to arrange an appointment with us.

We are happy to help you to find the right property or activate the right buyer for selling your property.

For centuries, there are good and bad deals. Make a decision towards us and a good business. There is something nice about remembering this after decades and smiling about it. It is not just fun, but it also allows for a more beautiful life. Become our client today and enjoy the benefits of a positive attitude and atmosphere that our clients experience. In countries other than Germany a service relationship is more recognized by some.

Qualification as a Real Estate Agent Berlin

The qualifications of an agent need to be much higher than in Germany. Therefore it is really hard to find the most suitable real estate agent in Berlin. Don’t turn away from new opportunities, as they are very important and you should meet them with an open mind to learn something. You should have a positive attitude towards your transaction and everything will be possible.

With a good agent it is even easier as he gets rewarded by you and, if you have found the right agent, he could save you a lot of money. Many people forget this which is why we mention it at this point. Most properties in big cities will be offered to you by an agent.

This proves that real estate agents are becoming increasingly popular and has made some very important and impactful decisions on the market. Why should you be any different then? Listen to your gut feeling in this case. It is most likely never going to disappoint you and it will make you very happy. Only a good real estate transaction can give you a good feeling to move on to the next project. Who knows, maybe the next real estate business you attend to will be sharing your experiences with all your friends.

We advise social institutions with a focus on children – pro bono – (maximum of 50 cases/ year)


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