We offer a property management company that goes far beyond just managing – We welcome you!

In Berlin there are a lot of property management companies but only very few count towards the top companies in the city. Come talk to us, our management concept is very unique in its way. A property manager should not only aver dangers or receive orders, but he should also ensure a good atmosphere for all tenants and the owner. There are many facility managers who define customer focus in a different way. One of the most valuable assets of such a company is the frequently encountered employee: the answering machine. A good property management company needs to start there and rethink their concept.

Ask your friends and family about the experiences they’ve had with property managers in Berlin. Usually, people make bad facial expressions. Why is that? Why aren’t property managers more popular? Is it the opening times or the communication or even non-communication? A good property manager knows his tenants and a very good one even knows their wishes.

We set new standards and contribute to new creative solutions. It is a fact that e currently serve several thousands of units and through this relieve pressure from classic administrators. If we may offer you an individual caretaker concept, please give us a call!

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It’s not easy to find a good property management company in Berlin. The Yellow Pages do not provide any more information than the address and phone number. This is where you should seek personal contact as it isn’t very easy to find a good property manager in Berlin on the spot. Take your time to avoid any stress or troubles afterwards.

We are happy to discuss your wishes with you directly. We are always ready for action.