Special Real Estate Agents: Residential, Commercial, Hotels, Restaurants

Do you prefer a personal consultation without any detours? Do you need a concise evaluation and clear statement of your situation and wishes? Then you are exactly right with us as one of the leading businesses in this sector. We are a dynamic real estate agency and have always succeeded at meeting our clients’ specific expectations.

Where other real estate colleagues fail, we set in with our service.

Benefit from over 25 years of professional experience in customized real estate consultancy!

We have put special attention to clients and estates in Berlin, Munich, Vienna, and Zurich. However, we are also very active in other German cities; other European countries have increased in importance as well, as we receive very interesting and diverse contracts. The company manager and his very capable team of consultants will take care of all your needs concerning real estate: this can range from marketing your residential or commercial properties, to any other matters relating to real estate.

Whether you are seeking to buy/ rent a property, trying to sell a suitable one or looking for a tenant for your properties, we are here to help you. Request our services today – being the agent you ordered for help – by simply contacting us via E-Mail (info@hihc.de) and explaining to us your exact request! Within approximately 24 hours one of our employees will get in touch with you to communicate whether or not we can accept your request. In case of a negative reply we will shortly explain our reasoning or recommend an alternative service provider to you.

Our consulting and mediation fee will be waived completely when supporting social institutions with a focus on children all throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please understand that we can accept and support a maximum of 50 pro bono cases per year. Get in contact with us for any enquiries.

Furthermore, visit the German real estate portal Objektsuche24 for further support.

If you are looking for an outstanding business, you have just now made a find.

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